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Kuduro is a style of music and dance widely associated with the Angolan slums and born in the 1980’s when a couple of producers started mixing soca, zouk béton and semba with a four on the floor beat.


It’s high energy became something undeniable and the power it has to move people is absolutely incredible. It became a full blown movement and a way that young people had to fight the hardship that tainted their lives. 


Throes + The Shine are Luanda via Porto, they are dance and joy and they try to mix this cultural fire that was born in Africa with movements that are more popular on the northern hemisphere. Universal genres such as rock, indie and electronic music meet up with something that’s still very fresh and new and capable of blowing minds.


All of this realization came after a chance meeting in a night club in Porto and it didn’t take long for Diron, Marco and Igor to get together and make some tunes. The chemistry was astounding and in a month they had an album worth of songs and their first show done. Then came the time to face the studio, and a first record connecting rock and kuduro, aptly title Rockuduro, was born in 2012. Following a busy 2013, with shows that went around most of Europe, came Mambos de Outros Tipos.


A second record filled to the brim with warm rhythms and a tropical breeze that will pull your hair back.


And now they are hungry for 2015 and to strike every stage with a booming energy and an in your face attitude that will have you moving whether you knew you wanted to or not! 





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